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Sustainable Living. Elevated Design.

Modular Homes Australia believes high quality affordable living solutions should be available to each and every person Australia wide.

Helping to heal the residential crisis whilst also providing a nest-egg investment, we design and construct highly energy efficient granny flats, tiny homes and modular homes.

Aesthetically pleasing, and built for comfortable, stylish and functional living, our modular homes provide an economical solution for those interested in an investment dwelling or a housing solution for their family.

Modular Home Solutions
for Every Need

Expertly Constructed Layouts & Designs

The Sustainable Choice for Australia

Why Choose Modular Homes Australia?

At Modular Homes Australia we are committed to creating elevated homes designed for sustainable living.

With an emphasis on quality, innovation and an attention to details, we don’t just build homes – we enhance lifestyles. Contact us today to embark on the journey with us.

Does My Property Qualify?

Council regulations have outlined specific conditions to qualify for the building permit exemption. We have detailed them here, and are available to discuss these with you should you require clarification.


Designed as a work from home / study from home space, an artist’s studio or even a guest room with an ergonomic kitchenette and bathroom, the Acacia floor plan is considered and convenient.

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One Bedroom

These larger one bedroom / one bedroom plus study modular homes have been designed with considered space planning to offer open plan living with side or end entrance options. Each floor plan includes a stylish and spacious kitchen, bathroom and laundry, with air conditioning throughout.

These 42sqm, 47sqm and 58sqm homes work with the new Victoria legislation that negates permit regulations.

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Two Bedroom

These two bedroom modular homes have been designed with considered space planning to offer open plan living with side or end entrance options. Each floor plan includes a stylish & spacious kitchen, bathroom & laundry with air conditioning throughout.

These 42sqm, 47sqm and 58sqm homes work with the new Victoria legislation that negates permit regulations.

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For the Home Owner

Elevate your lifestyle and property value with Modular Homes Australia. Our expertly designed modular homes, tiny homes and granny flats offer the perfect blend of functionality, design, style and comfort.

Enjoy the flexibility of modular living with our series of small to large modules that will substantially increase the value of your property, provide a quality home for aging family members or teenagers, add a wonderful home office/studio to your property or stimulate a rental income so you can pay off your mortgage faster.

Seamless Integration with Your Property

Curious about compatibility?

Our “Does Your Property Qualify?” checklist ensures that your land is perfectly suited for your chosen Modular Home.

By finalizing the checklist with a satisfactory soil test, we guarantee a smooth, hassle-free integration of your new Granny Flat, Tiny Home, or Modular Home.

For the Large Property Owner

Maximize the potential of your expansive land with Modular Homes Australia's bespoke Granny Flats, Tiny Homes, and Modular Homes, designed to create additional living spaces, guest houses, or luxury retreats without the complexities of traditional construction. Transform your property into a multifaceted estate that caters to diverse needs, enhancing its value and utility.

The Scandi Barn

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Step by Step

Are you ready to take the first step towards adding a modular home, tiny house or granny flat to your property?

Get in touch with our expert team for a personalised consultation. Together we will explore the possibilities and find the best way to help make your dream come true.

Discover a Modular Home Solution that works for you.

Understand if your Property qualifies for a Modular Home through our Checklist.

Call our National Sales Manager, Danny on
+61 419 886 173

Tailor Made for your Lifestyle

Whether you’re aiming to increase your property’s value, seeking a unique home office, or providing a comfortable living space for aging family members, our Granny Flats, Tiny Homes, and Modular Homes are customizable to meet your specific needs. Explore the potential to:

Discover an elegant, high-quality addition that enhances your property’s market appeal.


For the Investor

Amplify your investment returns with Modular Homes Australia's cost-effective Granny Flats and Tiny Homes, designed to offer high rental yields and increase property valuation. Our turnkey solutions provide a fast track to expanding your real estate portfolio with assets that attract a wide range of tenants.


Our monthly blog updates you with our latest news, views and reviews.

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Questions? Check our FAQ’s. If you don’t find the question you have, contact our team of experts.

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Custom Inspiration

Do you love what we have to offer, but want to discuss a custom-designed home to suit your specific needs?

Our team is on hand to design the ideal solution for you. Check the Gallery for inspiration.

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For the Seasonal Operator

Unlock the full potential of your seasonal operation with Modular Homes Australia. Our durable, quick-to-install modular homes are crafted to meet the unique demands of your business, ensuring you're perfectly equipped to accommodate an influx of guests or workers in style and comfort.

With our versatile and sustainable designs, you can effortlessly expand your capacity and elevate your offerings, setting the stage for a successful season.

More than an Investment

Generate Additional Income: A stylish, self-contained unit perfect for renting out or listing on a BNB Website.

Accommodate Loved Ones: Offer independence and privacy to family members, within the comfort of your property.

Expand Your Living Space: Ideal for seasonal workers, visiting clients, or as a serene home office.

For the Upsizer

With Modular Homes Australia, stepping into a larger, more vibrant living space is an exciting journey. Let us be your guide, transforming your property into a haven that meets your family's growing needs with elegance and efficiency.

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