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At Modular Homes Australia we believe high quality affordable living solutions should be available to each and every person Australia wide.
Helping to heal the residential crisis whilst also providing a nest-egg investment, we design and construct highly energy efficient homes.
Aesthetically pleasing, and built for comfortable, stylish and functional living, our modular homes provide an economical solution for those interested in an investment dwelling or a housing solution for their family.

Small to Large Modules Perfect For:

Substantially increasing the value of your property

Renting out to pay the mortgage off faster

A quality home for aging family members or teenagers

 A wonderful home office/studio

Creating your own BNB

 Housing seasonal workers/guests like pickers

Housing visiting clients like golf clubs and wineries

Adding/upgrading units in holiday/caravan parks

Why Choose Modular Homes Australia?

At Modular Homes Australia, we’re not just building homes; we’re creating lifestyles. With an emphasis on quality, sustainability, and innovation, we invite you to embark on this exciting journey with us.

Does my property Qualify?

Council regulations have outlined specific conditions to qualify for the building permit exemption. We have detailed them here, and are available to discuss these with you should you require clarification.

Proposed dwelling floor space no greater than 60sqm

Proposed Location not over Easement

One small second dwelling per lot

Proposed Dwelling has a kitchen, bathroom and toilet

Must have pedestrian access from either a street or walkway down side of existing dwelling

Must be set back behind the front wall of the existing dwelling

Must comply with any garden area requirement

The minimum 300sqm block must already have an existing house on it

Choices for All Interests

Modular Homes Australia offers a selection of floor plan sizes available to cater for a variety of blocks and backyards. All of these floor plans are available in four aesthetically appealing designs to suit any style property


The Contemporary Retreat, a cutting-edge concept in modular living that embodies the essence of modern elegance and seamless integration with the natural environment.

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This concept marries the timeless appeal of sand and sea with the cutting-edge efficiency and sustainability of modern modular construction.

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The ever enduring allure of the Australian countryside meets and matches with the best in quality finishes. A solution perfect for the Country Retreat.

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The Scandi Barn

Welcome to the future of modular living, where elegance meets efficiency in our groundbreaking Scandi Barn concept. 

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Smaller Floorplans




$49,990 inc GST

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Designed as a work from home / study from home space, an artist’s studio or even a guest room with an ergonomic kitchenette and bathroom, the Acacia floor plan is considered and convenient.

Larger Floorplans

The larger one bedroom / one bedroom plus study and two bedroom modular homes have been designed with considered space planning to offer open plan living with side or end entrance options.

Each floorplan includes a stylish and spacious kitchen, bathroom and laundry, with air conditioning throughout. 

These 42sqm, 47sqm and 58sqm homes work with the new Victoria legislation that negates permit regulations.  



One Bedroom + Study

$142,989 inc GST

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One Bedroom +

$147,989 inc GST

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Two Bedroom

$199,450 inc GST

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Seamless Integration with Your Property

Curious about compatibility?

Our “Does Your Property Qualify?” checklist ensures that your land is perfectly suited for your chosen Modular Home.

By finalizing the checklist with a satisfactory soil test, we guarantee a smooth, hassle-free integration of your new Granny Flat, Tiny Home, or Modular Home.

Step by Step

Are you ready to take the first step towards adding a modular home, tiny house or granny flat to your property?

Get in touch with our expert team for a personalised consultation. Together we will explore the possibilities and find the best way to help make your dream come true.

Discover a Modular Home Solution that works for you.

Understand if your Property qualifies for a Modular Home through our Checklist.

Call our National Sales Manager, Danny on
+61 419 886 173

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Where are the Modular Homes Built?

All modular homes built by Modular Homes Australia are constructed in Dandenong, Australia, by an Australian-owned and operated company.

How Long will it take to be delivered?

Upon receipt of your deposit, we will facilitate your transport permit, allowing for the delivery of your home within 7 days of completion, contingent upon location and considerations related to the Vicroads transport permit.

How much is the deposit and when do I have to pay the balance?

A 20% deposit is required upon agreeing to purchase the home, with the remaining balance due five clear business days prior to the scheduled delivery.

Do I need a Building Permit?

No building permit is necessary for our homes, as they fall under the category of Unregisterable Movable Dwellings. Each home is equipped with a Compliance Plate certifying its engineering compliance, along with plumbing and electrical compliance certificates, ensuring adherence to the building code of Australia.

I understand that I don’t need a Council Permit, however do I need to inform Council of anything in order to avoid any fines or being told to take the dwelling down?

While a permit is not generally required there are certain council conditions. Additional information can be found through the provided link for clarification.

How do I connect it to my land? Can it be separately metered to have it’s own billing?

Utility company meters are not supplied, but if our installation partner is engaged, power and water check meters can be provided and installed for independent monitoring of dwelling usage.

I have no idea who to contact for the installation and connection. Who do I call and how much will it cost?

We can recommend our preferred installation company to assist with a personalized quote for the installation and connection of your home.

Are our Modular Homes Insulated?

Yes, our homes come fully insulated in all external walls and the roof.

What are our Modular Homes Made from?

All our homes are constructed with timber-framed walls and feature weatherboard or Colorbond exteriors, contingent upon façade selection.

Can I Make Design Changes?

Minor changes to accommodate your living preferences can be accommodated, albeit with potential additional costs.

What Colour Schemes can I choose from?

Our homes are constructed in neutral color schemes curated by our designer, and these can be viewed at our display homes.

What Colour Schemes can I choose from?

Our homes are constructed in neutral colour schemes curated by our designer, and these can be viewed at our display homes.

You won’t be able to crane the dwelling onto my site, so is it the same price if you have to build it on my yard/land?

Construction on your site is possible, subject to site conditions.

Is there a warranty?

We offer a 3-month maintenance period for defects, along with a 5-year structural warranty. Appliances are covered by the manufacturer's warranty

What is additional to the price?

The following items are additional:

  • Installation on screw piles
  • A recommendation for bottled gas for the hot water system and cooktop
  • Provision of roller blinds
  • Single-glazed windows (with the option for double glazing)
  • Solar packages starting from $19,990
  • Minimum 5-star energy rating